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Bathroom Remodeling
Barrier-free Roll-in Showers
Barrier-free showers with Schluter-Kerdi system
  • Schluter system is a special way of water-tight (no leaks) installation
  • Water does not affect the tiles due to special membrane to separate water from the structure
  • Waterproofing with Kerdi membrane or Kerdi boards
  • Kerdi square drains or low profile linear floor drains

Accessible Living
Pre-manufactured Aquassure 
1/2" composite fiberglass showers reinforced with 3/8" plywood

  • ​Accessible from wheelchairs
  • Non-slip pan 
  • Heavy duty wall construction
  • ​Easy clean, no grout surface
  • 1-2 day installation
  • Over 400 models

Accessible Baths
Walk-in and Aquassure ADL Baths
Aquassure full-size deep soaker tub with sliding door (see pic on the right)

  • Accessible from wheelchairs
  • Elevated, no climb up and down
  • Fills and drains in 2-3 minutes
  • Hydrotherapy Massage system
  • Heated Air-Jet system
  • Ozone disinfection system
Safety Accessories 
​Bathe with confidence and convenience

  • ​Ergonomic handles
  • Fold-down seats
  • Stainless steels grab bars
  • ​Anti-slip coating
  • Flexible water Stopper
  • Waffle ramps
  • Temperature control
Rybka Construction is a certified installer and dealer of 
Schluter-Ditra Systems and Aquassure Accessible Baths
Custom-made "Drive-in" and "Open space" Showers by Rybka Construction
  • No curb, no obstacles for your feet
  • With or without glass door. Shower can be a part of the bathroom